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The Jewish Holocaust Centre will screen 'Camp 32', the movie by Cambodian-born Melbournian, Bunhom (Hom) Cchorn, on Sunday, 18 September, at 2.00pm.

Hom Cchorn, just six years old when he was imprisoned by the Khmer Rouge in a concentration camp, returns to his homeland to make a film about the brtual prison where his father and brother were killed and where he was imprisoned at Camp 32, a remote site in Cambodia.

The Jewish Holocaust Centre seeks to appoint an outstanding, committed and experienced educator with exceptional teaching skills.

The appointee will become a member of a well established and successful department dedicated to teaching museum-based educational programs

Position Description

The Jewish Holocaust Centre is delighted to have received a Victorian Multicultural Excellence Award for its 'Hide and Seek: Stories of Survival' education program.

Victoria's Multicultural Awards for Excellence acknowledge outstanding achievements and services of people and organisations who have actively supported cultural diversity and made a real impact in promoting community harmony. The Centre's award was for 'Outstanding practices in education services that raise awareness and support the implementation of civics, citizenship and multicultural education.'

The Jewish Holocaust Centre will be closed for Jewish holydays on the following days:


Melbourne's Jewish Holocaust Centre has compared the refugee crisis engulfing Europe with the desperate and doomed attempts of Jewish refugees to flee Nazi Germany.

In a speech on Tuesday night, curator and head of collections Jayne Josem​ said the sight of thousands of Syrian refugees making desperate attempts to reach and settle in Europe bore chilling similarities to the attempts of Jewish families to flee the Nazis before and during World War II.

Millions perished after world leaders failed to agree on a plan to accept substantially more Jewish refugees, trapping them in Hitler's net.

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