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The Jewish Holocaust Centre will be closed for Jewish holydays on the following days:


Melbourne's Jewish Holocaust Centre has compared the refugee crisis engulfing Europe with the desperate and doomed attempts of Jewish refugees to flee Nazi Germany.

In a speech on Tuesday night, curator and head of collections Jayne Josem​ said the sight of thousands of Syrian refugees making desperate attempts to reach and settle in Europe bore chilling similarities to the attempts of Jewish families to flee the Nazis before and during World War II.

Millions perished after world leaders failed to agree on a plan to accept substantially more Jewish refugees, trapping them in Hitler's net.

For approximately 20,000 European Jews fleeing persecution from the Nazi regime in the 1930s, the free port of Shanghai, which was under Japanese occupation, offered some hope of reprieve from what was to unfold in the ensuing six years of world war. Most countries outside Europe were limiting or denying entry to Jewish refugees and Shanghai became a safe haven as no visa was required to enter.

The Anne Frank Australia Foundation, Zionist Council of Victoria and the Lamm Jewish Library of Australia (LJLA) are proud to announce the opening of the new exhibition Let Me Be Myself – The Story of Anne Frank at the Lamm Jewish Library of Australia (LJLA), 304 Hawthorn Road in South Caulfield. The exhibition will run for six weeks commencing 3 August through 10 September 2015.

The interactive exhibit is open to the public for self-guided visits during library operating hours.

Explore Melbourne survivor testimonies and artefacts through these three Digibooks created in partnership with ABC Splash.

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