Child Survivors of the Holocaust

One and a half million, or 90% of Jewish children were murdered in the Holocaust. Less than 100,000 of us are still alive around the world. “Child Survivors of the Holocaust” gave us a name, an identity. We started to make ourselves recognized, and maybe more importantly, we started to recognize ourselves. We came out of pools of frozen greyness into shape, time, words, and feelings. Words allowed us to remember the previously numb and unspeakable. In our meetings, we gave each other voice and listened with respect. We resonated, talked, shared, remembered, contextualized, and retrieved our lives.

For those of us who have remained, our voice is still relevant in these increasingly threatening times.

Dr Paul Valent, Foundation President Child Survivors of the Holocaust Melbourne Group.

Child Survivors of the Holocaust Group gathering.

Child Survivors of the Holocaust Presidents:

President      Viv Parry           2013 – Present               Vice President       Lena Fiszman  2020 – Present

President      Henri Korn        2006 – 2013                   Vice President:      Viv Parry        2006 – 2013

President      Floris Kalman    2002 – 2006

President      Dr Paul Valent   1990 – 2002





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